About Us

We first opened for business in 2008, and have been serving Leicester, and the rest of the UK, ever since.

We offer a full range of services, ranging from small local projects to major national work, and everything in between.

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SQS-AUTOS was founded by Sid Mohamed to give the Leicester public a better professional car service experience in terms of customer service and cost.

The opportunity to expand the business became a reality when the law changed in 2003, called Block Exemption, which meant that you no longer needed to use a main dealer for your car service. The new law meant that an Independent garage could now carry out your car service just like a main dealer use to.

The monopoly and control of where a customer went for their car service was now over. At this point it became obvious that the public would now be looking for alternative car service suppliers who could still validate their warranty, but more importantly save them money.

SQS-AUTOS realised that the only way to better what the main dealers did was to improve their own service criteria to a higher level at a more cost effective price. This has now been achieved by putting in place quality checks that SQS-AUTOS  use and the feedback that  they get from their customers.

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